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Book Review: Creature Comforts | Trisha Ashley

The great thing about being brave enough to try a new author in one of your favourite genre's is that you may just discover a gem of a book that you will want to treasure forever. Trisha Ashley is a well established and loved author amongst the romantic fiction genre and I can't think of a single reason why I didn't pick up one of her books sooner. I am very fond of books that are set in little villages and offer up a peek into comedic country life, because that has always been something I crave for myself in reality.

I received this book as a proof copy for my kindle from 'Harper Collins UK, Avon' via 'NetGalley.com' for an honest review. 

I am so glad I got to read this book. Trisha Ashley is a new firm favourite.

This book is a wonderful twist on second chances and how we view ourselves through the eyes of others. Izzy is the main character in this wonderful tale and she has finally seen sense and broken off her engagement to her awful fiancée Kieran who has dramatically turned into a dreadful carbon copy of his vile father. Izzy feels that her rightful place in the world is back in her home-town of Halfhidden, the wonderful location for the majority of the book. I was thrilled when I spotted my home town of Southport being mentioned in the book, it made me feel that little bit more involved.

Izzy is a wonderful protagonist who you genuinely want to cheer for and I love it when you feel like you could be friends with the (nice) characters in the book. I loved the likeable characters and loathed the detestable characters which is a testament to Trisha's skill as a talented writer.

However this isn't a simple girl dumps boy, meets new boy kind of story; there are added complications along the way that add to a very gripping read. The biggest thing holding Izzy back is that she was involved in a car crash in her teens that she has no recollection of, and before she can finally feel happy and move on she decides to address this tragic event head on and finally exercise those particular demons. The thing that is stopping her from moving on is that she is blamed for the tragedy and somehow Izzy feels this is unjust because she is sure things didn't go down the way people are telling her they did.

For the most part, at the start of nearly every chapter Izzy has a small recollection of events that happened up to and during the car crash. Each little bit of information is sequentially delivered almost as if we are remembering it along with Izzy. So at the same time as getting her life together in Halfhidden, we are brought along for the ride to feel everything that Izzy feels during this wonderful book.

There is also a wonderful love interest which itself isn't free from complications. The complications in question shall not be mentioned here for I don't want to ruin any part of the story for those that are about to read this wonderful book. But the love interest is written so well, that even though you can't literally see him you find yourself mentally crushing on this wonderfully written heartthrob.

The great thing about Izzy as a character and as a woman is that she is portrayed as someone who doesn't need a man or relationship to be happy within herself or to be able to make herself a success. The fact that she has the chance for a wonderful encounter with a wonderful man is just the magical cherry on top of an already delicious cake.

Trisha's writing skills are incredible, I found this book to be wonderfully absorbing and emotive with many a laugh out loud moment. I had to be careful not to laugh to loud particular at 3am when most of my neighbours were sleeping. At least if I receive any complaints I can blame the book.

This is a truly marvellous book that anyone would be thrilled to read. My favourite kind of books are the ones you can lose yourself in completely and forget about everything around you. If you have never picked up a book by Trisha Ashley then I urge you to do so immediately and let it be this one in particular. Creature Comforts is one wonderful story and with the way my mind works I can't help but think that there may be room for a sequel. Hint Hint Trisha Hint Hint.

I gave this fabulous book a splendid 5/5

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