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Book Review: Amy Bearce | Fairy Keeper

I received this book as a proof copy for my kindle from 'Curiosity Quills Press' via '' for an honest review.

First off, let me start by saying this is one of the best books I have read in a long time. It only took me four evenings to divulge its entire contents. Just wow. I am so sad that I finished this book, I wanted it to go on forever.

Check out the stunning cover, this is such a beautiful representation of Sierra who is our beloved protagonist throughout the story. It makes me wish I had a fairy keeper mark just like Sierra does. The talented artist who created this gorgeous cover is Amalia Chitulescu, and she has done a wonderful job.

If you think this is a run of the mill fairy story then you will be completely mistaken, for the fairies in this story at first seem to be nothing more than irritable and moody bugs. When I first saw this little snippet of information I was apprehensive because I love fairies to be walking, talking, human like magical creatures. But what this story does is open your eyes to the diversification of how fairies can be represented, and now I really want my own fairy queen.

In the world of Aluvia where this magical story is set, those who have the fairy keeper mark are seen as chosen or even gifted for they have the responsibility of caring for a fairy queen and her subjects. However 14 year old Sierra sees it as something completely different. Her father Jack is a terrible person and he is also a very highly feared dark alchemist who uses fairy nectar to create a drug like hallucinogenic to sell for an awful lot of dirty profit. He is a vile man who is often mentally and physically violent with his daughter.

Sierra feels trapped, she has an adoring little sister Phoebe who she loves dearly and cannot face abandoning her even for her own safety. So she continues to harvest the nectar for her greedy father until something catastrophic happens. Sierra finds her fairies dead and her fairy queen missing, but she isn't the only one this has happened to. They’re all gone, every single one, and getting them back will be dangerous and deadly.

Sierra is sent on a journey with her best friend Corbin and her worst enemy Nell to search and retrieve a fairy queen, or her little sister Phoebe will be sold to cover her fathers debts. But there is significantly more to this tale than you think, there is a greater risk and a much greater threat to mankind and the future of the world if magic is not somehow saved. Keep an eye out for the wonderful character of Micah who appears later in the book. Other than Sierra he is my favourite character in this story.

I thought that the plot of this book was wonderfully thought out and constructed. Keeping a decent pace all the way through and making sure your interest remained peaked at all times. The characters are very well written with enough depth to feel for them exactly what the author wants you to feel. You will be surprised how your feelings towards Nell will change when we initially start out wanting to smack her really hard in the face.

There are also occasional hints in the book that may dictate where the story could go next in further books. I will not however spoil this for you because I want to see if you can spot them for yourself like I did. You really need to take your time with this book and literally eat up every single little detail because it is all so important to adding that extra bit of magic to an already wonderful story.

You have no idea how much I need need to read the next book and Amy Bearce the talented author behind 'Fairy Keeper' is in the process of writing the next book as we speak.

This book deserves a magical, fantastical 5/5
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