Friday, 3 April 2015

Book Review: Denise Grover Swank | The Curse Keepers Collection

Presented within a beautifully inviting cover, The Curse Keepers Collection from Denise Grover Swank is a deliciously satisfying take on the wonderful urban fantasy genre.

I am beyond thankful that I received this eBook as a complete collection because I don't know what I would have done if I couldn't read these books one after the other. The first one in the collection is addictive enough but thank you to whoever made the decision to release this as a complete collection. It contains every book and novella in the series, in the order that the author intended for us to read them. The order of books in this collection are as follows:

  • The Curse Keepers (Book 1)
  • This Place Is Death (Novella 1)
  • The Curse Breakers (Book 2)
  • This Changes Everything (Novella 2)
  • The Curse Defiers (Book 3)
  • This Is Your Destiny (Novella 3)

I received this book as a proof copy for my kindle from '47North' the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror imprint of Amazon Publishing via '' for an honest review. In a way I am glad this is only available in an eBook format, heaven knows what I would have done if I dropped a physical edition of this tome on my face while trying to read in bed. Ouch!

I am a huge fan of fantasy novels, and this wonderful take on the urban side of this genre is a positively gripping and thrilling read. What makes this series so wonderful other than the authors skill as a writer is the wonderful way Native American historical facts are seamlessly woven in with the fictional world that Denise creates. Sometimes I have read books where they have used factual information in completely the wrong way, so much so that you feel like you are getting a history lesson. But in these books it is done wonderfully and what the writer creates is something so absorbing while still being respectful and sensitive to the beliefs of Native Americans.

While following the journey of Ellie Lancaster, it's easy to lose yourself in her initial rejection of her role as the curse keeper and get swept away in her story. However, when Collin Dailey pops up we are left feeling infuriated by him and just how perfect he seems to be. Somehow we feel everything Ellie feels for him, good and bad, (swoon). I don't think I have every thought of the name Collin as someone who could be so charming and sexy, no not even Colin Firth folks. Sorry not my cup of tea. This has to be be the first Collin that I have found to be, shall we say 'appealing'.

Enough swooning, the whole concept of these books is thrilling. From demons, to barriers between worlds, and also the dealing with an almighty and powerful 'God'. This collection is wonderful and fantastical look at how we view heritage and ultimately what shapes us as people. I urge everyone to pick up this eBook from Amazon, it has to be one of the best series I have read in a long time. I think you should buy the collection though because you will not want to stop reading after the first book.

I did feel sad when I finished the whole thing though, I must admit I crave for more. Is it healthy to miss characters? Where for art thou Collin... ...I may need to get a life.

These books get an incredible 5/5

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