Monday, 6 April 2015

Book Review: Kate Smith | Makery: Sewing

I received this book as a proof copy for my kindle from 'Octopus Publishing Group' via '' for an honest review.

For those of you that are aware, I love to craft. I mean I really love it, sewing, knitting, generally being creative is a fundamental part of my day-to-day life. So when I was asked to review this book from Kate Smith, I jumped at the chance because I already have the original 'Makery' book in my collection.

While the previous book in this series doesn't have a direct focus in terms of creative area, choosing to look at creativity in a more general way. This new book is primarily focused on the skills and creativity behind sewing.

This book is wonderfully sectioned off into three wonderful categories: fashion, home and gifts. In the fashion section we are given clear instructions how to create wonderful accessories such as a stylish smocked bag and a skinny bow belt. In the home section we are given the details on how to create beautiful bespoke bed linens, and finally in the gifts section you can choose from a number of projects including a Men's wash bag or an eye-catching book cover.

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at sewing and never had the nerve to dust off that sewing machine, then this book is ideal for newbies and seasoned sewers alike. This book also includes pull out patterns which coincide with projects from inside this crafty little book.

This book is available right now in paperback and digital format, I do however recommend purchasing the physical edition of the book to appreciate the gorgeous images and benefit from the pull out patterns. 
Makery: Sewing is a marvellous little book that is very user-friendly with clear instructions, time guidelines and handy tips as well as required tools lists to guide you through the techniques with ease. Also as a wonderful bonus there's a chapter dedicated to stitches to ensure that you sew your way to success. 
Despite only receiving the digital edition I shall be purchasing the full colour paperback edition.

Because I am a crafting and sewing fiend, I give this fabulous book a stitch perfect 10/10

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But for now folks, happy reading and happy sewing.