Thursday, 9 April 2015

Book Review: Steven Savile | Moonlands

I received this book as a proof copy for my kindle from 'BadPress' via '' for an honest review which will be left on my website, Amazon and NetGalley.

If it wasn't already apparent I have a love for YA fantasy novels and if they are written well can gorge myself silly on its contents. I love anything magical and when I looked at 'Moonlands' by Steven Savile, I was looking forward to finding out what magical creatures I would get to meet.

The opening chapter of this book had me a little confused at first, because it isn't all that clear about what is going on. We get the sense of an assassin looking for his mark, and the guardian who is protecting a girl from being killed. The suspense and action in the first chapter is a wonderful one, and the confusion felt was a good thing because it encouraged you to read on to find out who this girl is and what will happen to her.

It turns out that out hero of the Story is Ashley Hawthorne and she considers herself to be just a regular, uninteresting 15 year old girl who just gets on with her teenage life. However, she doesn't realise that her complete lack of self-worth is anything like what she imagines. She is in fact a very special girl who was sent to the 'real' world to protect her from those who would do her harm. She is the true Heir to a crown and kingdom because she is the only living distant relative of Titania herself the original Queen of the fae.

It turns out she has more than a few guardians surrounding her and when she meets them their familiarity is all too strong which leads to some interesting interactions. Her safety is paramount and her guardians will do anything to keep her safe so she can return to her rightful place as the ruler of the Moonlands.

I think that the characters in this book were well written and really came alive. I felt Ashley's mother seemed more like a best friend than a mother figure and at times I felt she was the same age as Ashley, just by how she seemed to carry herself and how she spoke. The guardians on the other hand are some wonderfully interesting characters who are all different kinds of magical creatures. I only wish we got to spend a little more time with them to see how Ashley interacted with all of those quirky personalities. Maybe we will see more if there is to be a sequel.

The assassin's who are seen as the evil in the story are a group of werewolves who are extremely powerful and practically invincible. What is so great about this story is we see how a relationship between a potential fae queen, and a werewolf alpha can really flip a story on its head. I would have liked to have seen this relationship explored further, but again this may come if there is a second book in the series.

The twist at the end in regards to Ashley's real father is a really good one and it repeats the message that we have seen throughout this book that everyone is not always what they seem. And that it is not always clear who the blame for anything should fall upon.

Overall a really good book that only took me around 3 evenings to finish. I do urge you all to give this book a read and let me know your thoughts. Do you get the sense that a sequel is in the works? I may have to pester the author for that kind of information.

I gave this book 8/10

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