Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Guest Post: My Writing Inspiration | Jenny Marston

Today I have a wonderful Guest Post from fellow blogger and writer Jenny Marston. She has very kindly agreed to write a marvellous piece about her writing inspiration. So now I shall hand you over to the lovely Jenny.

Guest Post: Jenny Marston

Firstly, I'd like to say a massive thank you to Daniel for having me on his fantastic blog today. For my guest post, I wanted to talk a bit about my writing. I haven't really spoken too much about it so far. The odd tweet claiming how many words I've just hit is pretty much all I've said, even though technically I've been working on this current little “project” for well over a year now. Project, “My Thing With Words” is what it's officially been christened because that's essentially what it is right now. It's more than an idea, much more. Not quite a novel. But still something I'm passionate about. So lo and behold, here's a little bit about “My Thing With Words” and where I've got some inspiration from for writing it.

I've always wanted to write and by write I don't mean just blog posts and articles and freelancing, I mean stories. Since I started book blogging, I've met and seen so many authors and aspiring writers talk about their work and achieve their dreams and it made me think, “Hey... I want to do that”. I've started so many stories over the past 2 years, all of which have been absolute sh*t and wouldn't have gone absolutely anywhere but then I came up with the idea of my current “Thing With Words”. It wasn't a bad idea and it was do-able and it's been the only idea I've ever stuck with. I started writing and I found a “voice” that I didn't know I had. It flowed and made sense and I had characters I enjoyed writing about for once and yay! This was it! I was writing a book.

Until I wasn't. I got about 3 chapters in and realised that it was rubbish, I had absolutely no hope and why am I wasting my time writing this thing that nobody was going to read when I could be using my time to do something more worth-while. Like work on my blog or my touring business. I fully gave up on “My Thing With Words” for months and months with absolutely no intention of continuing. I wanted too, oh how I wanted too. But nope. This writing thing wasn't for me. I would just stick to what I know which is blogging. I'm good at blogging and reviewing other people's work. I wasn't so good at working on my own.

That was until my very best friend, Lynsey James, author of 'Just The Way You' Are got her publishing deal. I know, this is all going to sound very “wishy-washy” but it's the God's honest truth; she was my inspiration to pick up my laptop again and continue writing. See, Lynsey has been dreaming of becoming an author her whole life. I recall countless conversations with her where she's been fretting that her writing isn't good enough or an agent she contacted wasn't interested and how she's jealous of so-and-so for writing such a great book. I'd read parts of her work before and it was good. Really bloody good. I always knew her dream would come true. Then one day it did. If I can believe in her so much then why couldn't I believe in myself?
Lynsey has had so much success with her book. I've read it and I absolutely loved it and so has many other people (including Daniel!) Of course, not all of her reviews are perfect but she takes the bad reviews on the chin and continues focusing on the good ones. She's been so humble and modest during the start of her writing career and is the perfect example of someone to look up to. I know I do and since she's had her publishing deal, I've worked more on my own work in those 5 months than I did the whole of last year. I set myself goals now, targets and word counts. I also let a couple of people read what I've wrote because I'm no longer embarrassed about it.

I am still so unbelievably proud of my best friend for working hard and staying humble and grabbing her dream by the balls. She never gave up and quite rightly so because now her work is out there for the world to read and I couldn't be happier. I remember all the times I've told her I wish I was like her when it comes to writing and caring about my story and my characters and I also remember her telling me, “Just write. Even if it's a load of rubbish, you can't edit a blank page”. Which is just one of the many sound pieces of advice I've had from her over the past year. I'm happy with what I'm working on now. Really happy. I'm only 20 thousand words in which I know on the grand scheme of things isn't an awful lot and I know I have a lot of work to do and I know that it's going to take a long time but I also know that I'm not going to achieve anything unless I write.

So, Lynsey James, this one's for you. Thank you for being an amazing friend, mentor and inspiration.

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