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Guest Post: How To Write Hot Sex | Kierney Scott

As a writer myself who aspires to be published, getting advice from working authors is golden. To actually have advice from those who inspire us is a wonderful thing and should be taken with gratitude and respect. This is why I am so pleased to welcome the talented Kierney Scott to my blog who has written a piece on 'How To Write Good Sex'. So with that being said, I pass you over to the wonderful and lovely Kierney Scott.

Guest Post: How To Write Hot Sex | Kierney Scott

I’m not going to lie, I find writing sex scenes the most difficult part of writing a romance novel. There is so much that needs to be conveyed beyond the physical. Before I started writing, I assumed love scenes were the easiest part to write. I even considered them filler (cue the shock and horror of romance writers everywhere). Sex scenes should never be used to pad out your word count, mostly because there are far easier ways to do that

Whilst sex scenes are the most difficult to write, they can be the most rewarding. If you get it right, you give the readers insight into your characters in a way unlike anything else. You can tell a lot about a character from how they get things done in the bedroom.

I should also say, there is no need to include sex scenes in your writing. If you are uncomfortable writing sex, don’t do it. It will be clunky and awkward for you and your reader. There is absolutely no shame in closing the bedroom door and cutting to the next morning with a happy heroine sipping coffee the hero brought her in bed.

But if you do want to dip your toe into sexy waters, here are a few tips I have found work for me.

  1. Decide the heat level of your book. This is determined by several factors but mostly: the market you write for, your comfort level, and the characters. Ultimately your characters should decide. Everything they do is a reflection of who they are, even the sex. Always be consistent with your characters. They might choose to get up to things that you are not into. Let them. This is their story, not yours.
  2. Get comfortable with the heat level. This is the fun part: read. Check out other authors writing in your genre and really study them. Take notes when you are reading. What works for you as a reader? What words do you find sexy? What really does not work for you?
  3. Write a sexy word list. Remember all that reading and note taking you did? Now is the time to make it work for you. The list should include words for all the senses. You know the adage: show, don’t tell? This is especially important in the bedroom. Show the reader what the characters are seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting, and hearing. Your word list should also include practical words, like names for body parts. I am not a fan of purple prose or euphemism. I am never without my list. It is covered in holes from being pinned and re-pinned to my bulletin board. If you take only one thing from this: WRITE A SEXY WORD LIST.
  4. Build the tension. I have had a half a dozen messages from friends reading Blurring the Line, asking when Beth and Torres are finally going to have sex. I always write back to assure them that Beth and Torres will indeed be having sex. Invariably I get another message along the lines of “OMG that was hot.” The reason it was hot is because I built the tension. When they finally do have sex there is a sense of relief and more importantly satisfaction. You can also build tension within the scene. Orgasms don’t have to just happen. Make them work for it; show the heroine’s frustration. This tiny bit of realism makes the fantasy better.
  5. Set the mood. Sadly I don’t mean arousal, because in actuality there are few things less erotic than writing. I mean set the creative mood. Get comfortable. Make sure you have your list. Listen to music. Every book I write has a soundtrack. When I listen to the songs, I am immediately in the zone.
  6. Lie to yourself. This is key. It is entirely normal for people to feel self-conscious or even vulnerable when they think about people reading their sex scenes. If you think about people reading your work, you will censor yourself and your writing will suffer. Tell yourself that no one will ever read the scene. This will become more difficult after you are published, but keep lying.
  7. Go for it. Don’t overthink sex. With all my other writing, I edit heavily as I go, but with sex, you need to just write. Don’t get in your own way. Put everything down. If you start to become self-conscious remind yourself you are writing about characters. This has nothing to do with your sex life.
  8. Layer. Once the sex scene is written go back and add more of the five senses. You will think you have covered them but when you read it again you will find room for more. What does the hero smell like? What does his face look like when he is leaning down to kiss the heroine? What does the stubble of the hero’s face feel like against the heroine’s skin?
  9. Dialogue/Internal Monologue. Characters don’t have sex in silence. Even if they are not speaking, you can bet they are talking to themselves a lot. Let the reader know what the characters are thinking. Emotion is the most important part of sex scenes. If you leave this part out, your scene will fall flat.
10.Bad Sex can be Great Sex . Sex does not have to be perfectly choreographed and result is simultaneous earth shattering orgasms to be hot. There are times where the hero might come too quickly because he is so into the heroine. In real life it might be a bummer, but in a book it is a great way to show just how much he likes her. Or the sex might be sore for the heroine because of the position or she is too sensitive after her own orgasm, yet she keeps going because of the emotional connection.

So there you have it, my top tips. I hope they were helpful. If you have any more, I would love to hear them. Now go forth and write some amazing sex. And let me know where I can read it!


There you have it folks some absolutely incredible advice from a very talented writer. 

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So all you fledgling writers, time to have a go at writing something steamy.