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Blog Tour: A Parcel for Anna Browne | Miranda Dickinson

Hello folks, I am super excited today because not only is this my date on the 'A Parcel for Anna Browne' blog tour, but it is also publication day for this wonderful book. So after you have finished reading my review, you can go ahead and buy it, read it and love it. 

An inspiring and enchanting novel from Sunday Times bestseller Miranda Dickinson
The gift of a lifetime?

Anna Browne is an ordinary woman living an ordinary life. Her day job as a receptionist in bustling London isn't exactly her dream, yet she has everything she wants. But someone thinks Anna Browne deserves more . . .
When a parcel addressed to Anna Browne arrives, she has no idea who has sent it. Inside she finds a beautiful gift - one that is designed to be seen. And so begins a series of incredible deliveries, each one bringing Anna further out of the shadows and encouraging her to become the woman she was destined to be. As Anna grows in confidence, others begin to notice her - and her life starts to change.

But who is sending the mysterious gifts, and why?

A Parcel For Anna Browne is an utterly captivating novel by Sunday Times bestselling author Miranda Dickinson.

My Review

One thing is always guaranteed with Miranda Dickinson’s books, and that is you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time reading them. After 6 successful books with Avon, ‘A Parcel for Anna Browne’ is Miranda’s 7th novel but her 1st with her new publishers Pan Macmillan. Now when a writer moves publisher, the easiest thing to do is expect a change in direction. But with Miranda what has happened is some kind of evolution in her story telling. I cannot explain how excited I was to know that I was to expect a review copy of this wonderful new book. Not only am I a long time Miranda fan but I have also followed her journey with writing this new book via her entertaining vlogs, so the anticipation was at a breaking point. 

The minute the parcel arrived with the name ‘Pan Macmillan’ on the envelope I knew I was in for one hell of a reading treat. The book is a lot thicker than I expected, and at just over 500 pages is Miranda’s longest story so far. I was thrilled at how long this story was, more wonderful novel sparklyness for me to indulge in. I don’t even remember what book I threw to one side so I could start this one immediately.

The majority of the book is written from Anna’s perspective, but there are occasions where we get a chapter from someone else’s perspective. This gives us a lovely insight into how other people see Anna in reflection to how she sees herself. She isn’t exactly the most confident person in the world and she doesn’t realise her own potential. That is until someone sees her potential and decides to start sending occasional parcels to help Anna on her way to believing in herself. Anna spends a lot of time speculating who the parcels are from, but at the same time she allows herself to just enjoy them and appreciate them when everyone around her seems to think there are some kind of negative strings attached. Anna’s positivity is infectious and as the book progresses so does Anna. The person she becomes by the end of the book is wonderful, she was already lovely to start off with but it is nice to see how she goes on this journey of self-discovery.

This story has a lot of heart and it really allows you to look at yourself in a different way just like Anna does. Even though this book is a work of fiction, it actually helped me in a number of ways. It gave me confidence, every single time I picked this book up and read there was something about the message within its pages that allowed me to start seeing myself in a more positive light. A book is a powerful thing and this is one of Miranda’s most magical books yet. 

It is such a lovely book and even if the book had no author name on it, you would know for sure that it was a Miranda Dickinson book. She writes in such a deliciously warm and snuggly way, you can't help but get wrapped up in her books.

I have never been disappointed by a book from Miranda yet, and this is her best so far. I know the book has only just been released, but I am so looking forward to what comes next from Miranda now that she is with a new publisher. I must admit I did hug this book before I started it, and I hugged it again when I finished it. It really is such a wonderful book.

I give this book a super sparkly 10/10

P.S. More vlogs please Miranda, I know you’re super busy writer bee but I love them.

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About Miranda:

Miranda Dickinson has always had a head full of stories. From an early age she dreamed of writing a book that would make the heady heights of Kingswinford Library and today she is a bestselling author. She began to write in earnest when a friend gave her The World's Slowest PC, and has subsequently written the bestselling novels Fairytale of New York, Welcome to My World, It Started With a Kiss, When I Fall in Love, Take A Look At Me Now and I'll Take New York. Miranda lives with her husband Bob and daughter Flo in Dudley.

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