Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Author Interview | Christie Barlow

Hello folks, I am thrilled to have another author interview for you today. Yet another fantastic author from the Bookouture team, and this wonderful lady is Christie Barlow.

Hello Christie, thank you so much for agreeing to an interview, I am excited to have you on my blog.

Hi Daniel, thank you so much for having me on your blog today.

So tell me a little bit about yourself, where are you from and what do you write?

I’m a 5ft 5 brunette born in the county of Cheshire. Now at the ripe old age of 42 I lead nothing but a glamorous lifestyle, ironing, mucking out chickens and horses and chasing the mad cocker spaniel that usually has pinched anything that isn’t his! I’m a mum to four, wife to one and have more animals than the local zoo. I have written two books to date ‘A Year in the Life of a Playground Mother’ and ‘The Misadventures of a Playground Mother’ they are both stories about a young mother called Rachel Young who has moved to the countryside to escape the monotony of the one-upmanship that plagues her life every day, However it doesn’t run smoothly! They are both light hearted comedy books that the majority of mothers can relate to.

Where do you find your inspiration for your wonderful books?

The inspiration for my books have come from my children. They are all at various stages of their education and this is when I became fascinated with the everyday politics and the dynamics of the primary school playground mothers.

What can you tell me about your typical writing day and what your process is?

My typical day will start at 9am after I have dropped the children at school. I usually amble across the fields for an hour with my mad cocker spaniel Woody then I will begin to write until it is time to pick them up from school.

Do you have your own special Writer's Room/Space?

Yes, I have my own little cave complete with my favourite beanbag, cushions and piano. I am also a piano teacher so if I ever feel stressed or stuck I usually sit down and bang on those keys for a while.

Can you tell me about your journey to publication? How did that all happen?

My journey has been incredible Daniel. It is like a dream! Once hitting my mid-life crisis (but dodging the tattoo and the fast car) after wholly dedicating my life to the care of my children, they asked me what I wanted to do. “I always wanted to write a book,” I found myself answering. And so the idea was born. The book took approximately one year to write and I self-published. After a few months the response had been fantastic and the book climbed up the Amazon charts and became #1 in its categories and #24 in the Kindle Chart. One morning before the school run I checked my email and I had received a message from the literary agent Madeleine Milburn asking could she possible give me a call, the answer was yes! After signing with Madeleine we secured a three book publishing deal with Bookouture.

What can you tell me about your publisher Bookouture, and what are they like to work with?

They are such a fantastic team at Bookouture, Kim Nash is everyone’s fairy godmother who waves her magic wand and sprinkles sparkly dust everywhere. Claire Bord and Olly Rhodes along with all the fabulous editors have turned my stories in to books. I am both proud and honoured to be called a Bookouture Author.
While I know that Bookouture don't require a writer have an agent, you still do. Is this something you recommend or is it down to personal preference?

I think it is down to personal preference, my agent Madeleine Milburn is a fantastic support and always at the end of a phone or email. I personally like the support network that both she and the publishers provide.

What do your family and loved ones think of your success?

My husband and four children are extremely proud of my dedication and hard work, especially knowing that I turned my initial idea into reality.

So what’s next for Christie Barlow?

I am currently working on my third release, the deadline is ticking and hopefully the next book with be released early spring. I am also an ambassador for a fantastic charity ‘The Zuri Project. They are a UK registered charity that supports the design, implementation and monitoring of a variety of locally led development projects in rural impoverished communities in south western Uganda, that work towards alleviating multidimensional poverty. I will be fundraising and hopefully taking a trip to Uganda in the near future.

Any advice or hints and tips for aspiring authors?

My advice would be to go for it – anything is possible. We all have self-doubts when writing, but keep going and believe in yourself. Write a little every day, that way there will always be continuity, and make sure you read lots of different varieties of books (and always find time to read). Dreams can come true, mine did!

The Fun Stuff:

What is your favourite TV show right now?

My favourite TV show at the moment is the X-Factor. Simply because I love Simon Cowell!

Who is your ultimate celebrity crush?

My ultimate celebrity crush is David Tennant!

Who are your favourite authors?

My favourite authors are Carole Matthews, Marian Keyes and Cathy Bramley, I love their work. Their books always have a good feel read about them.

What are you reading right now?

At the moment I am reading Addicted by Nigel May and I am addicted!

Which book from another author do you wish you had written?

Now that would be Evil Games by Angela Marsons! It is pure genius and I can’t wait for her next release which is coming very very soon.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions Christie.

To find out more about Christie you can check her out at the following links: