Thursday, 26 November 2015

My New Favourite Place

When it comes to keeping secrets, I am terrible at it. Particularly if it’s anything exciting, I always have the most incredible urge to share whatever secret I may be keeping. If indeed it is something that I feel everyone can get enjoyment from then I am afraid some secrets are meant to be shared. 
About two months ago I moved to the Liverpool area from Southport looking for a better way of life and a way to fill my desire for creativity and culture. Liverpool is a wonderful city which offers all that I want and more in terms of cultural stimulation and fulfilment. As a writer, I often find my existence a solitary one being confined to the four walls of my office so I often like to venture out in search of somewhere I can stretch my legs, feed my stomach and continue on my path of literary creativity. It had been a long known stereotype that writers like to venture into coffee shops to sit pretentiously typing away on our laptops. While that statement may appear to be true the real reason behind this is full of anything other than pretention. We need to watch the world go by, we need visual inspiration and for me personally I don’t want to think about making food for myself. This is the reason that I was extremely happy to discover a relatively new café with a very new concept.
I have no recollection when or where I first discovered Ziferblat, it was almost like a random magical discovery when I looked into what it was all about. Ziferblat is the name of a wonderful coffee shop that I still can’t believe many people haven’t heard about. It is very easy to dismiss an idea as a new coffee shop because we have so many already, but what Ziferblat does is new and I must say it is an innovative approach to socialising and getting your coffee on in a new and affordable way. If you check out their website you will see that it informs us of its amazing Wi-Fi, newspapers, piano, record player, board games, their own brand of coffee as well as 43 kinds of tea. They also have different kinds of cake, pastries, cereals, and toast with jams and spreads galore. But would you believe me if I told you that all of this was free? Trust me, I was shocked and not exactly inclined to believe such a glorious concept but it is in fact exactly as it says on the website. All you have to pay for is the time that you spend there, you can literally treat this place like your own living room. Kick off your shoes, relax and help yourself to whatever you want to eat and drink. The only rule is that you tidy up after yourself which is a perfectly reasonable request. It also only costs 6 pence per minute. That’s it. Just 6 pence for every minute that you spend relaxing and filling your face. For an hour that works out at about £3.60. The longest I have spent in their so far is about 2 hours, and I must say it is a wonderful place to be.
Not only is it super affordable, with amazing food and beverages, but it also has a wonderful vibe to the place and it is a lovely environment with a positive atmosphere to go and unwind. What I also love about this place is its location on the Albert Dock. It is a 2 minute walk from the Liverpool Tate and maybe 5 minutes or so to the Museum of Liverpool. So I can get my culture on and when I am tired and can fill my face with copious amounts of tea and cake. It is my idea of heaven. On a solitary level for a writer or any creative individual it is a wonderful place to go because no one will disturb you, and at the same time it is a great place to socialise with friends because should the conversation dwindle then play a board game or gather round the piano for a song or two. 
This isn’t just a great spot for us locals either, it is a wonderful place for anyone who is staying in this incredible city to come and visit. If my love of Ziferblat and Liverpool have encouraged you to come and visit this wonderfully cultured city then you can check out some of my recommended places to stay HERE.
So next time I feel stifled by my own four walls, I pick up my iPad and my kindle and hop on the train and head to my new favourite spot to sit, eat, write and have a lovely and relaxed few hours of escapism and people watching. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading, get up and head to Ziferblat Liverpool now. Go on. Now. Do as you’re told. Trust me, you will be glad you did.