Thursday, 31 March 2016

Blog Tour: Dying for Love | Angel Nicholas

Hello folks and welcome to a very exciting post, I am thrilled to be the starting date for the official blog tour for Angel Nicholas' new book 'Dying for Love'. Angel has given us a little taste of her book with a small excerpt and her dream cast for the two main roles in her book. So read on and enjoy!
Dream Film Cast

One of the most fun things a writer can do is dream about other ways their stories can be told. So if my book Dying for Love were made into a film, these would be the talented people I would love to have as my leads:

Grace Debry is sweet and sassy enough to keep Matt on his toes, but she’s also hiding some insecurity from her childhood in foster care, hopping from home to home. Nobody has ever stuck around. Why invest in a relationship, only to have him take off too? Yet Matt touches her in a way no one has in a long time, and she can’t resist getting close to him—maybe too close. With a stalker gaining ground by the day, she may be the one who doesn’t stick around this time.

Tough combo for an actress to take on, but I really like the vulnerability, confidence and sass of Michelle Trachtenberg as Grace.
Matthew Duncan commands the sort of respect and attention that’s rarely seen in actors these days. Standing just shy of six feet, well-muscled from his time on the job sites taking an active interest in every aspect of his business, and renowned for the iron-will that built his company from a start-up to a commanding presence spreading across all the lower counties in the state of Idaho, he’s not a man to be trifled with. Yet Grace reduces him to uncertain puberty, unsure of where he stands with her and how to proceed. Because he wants more than just her lush curves beneath him in bed. He wants all of her, forever, and he’ll be damned if some pansy-assed stalker is going to steel her away.

Eric Dane seems a comfortable fit for Matt.
Below is an excerpt to give you a little taste of the heat sparking between Grace and Matt.

The battle spark in her beautiful green eyes surprised him. He couldn’t help grinning. The woman was feisty and gorgeous. At least she wasn’t hysterical. Dealing with an irrational woman wasn’t exactly at the top of his to-do list.
Grace crossed her arms and glared. Hard to be intimidated by a five foot five curvy bit of woman.
“You find something amusing?” She arched her brow.
Her sweet tone didn’t fool him. She was pissed and she needed an outlet for her anger. Apparently, he had a nice fat bull’s eye painted on his chest. Which was fine. He didn’t mind being her punching bag, surprisingly enough.
“I know it’s stressful.” He patted her arm. “I’m just glad you’re not a blubbering mess.”
Lovely arched eyebrows climbed skyward. “Wow.”
“Your sensitivity overwhelms me.”
“Trust me. No guy in his right mind wants to deal with a hysterical female. No matter how high up the hotness scale she rates.”
Grace blinked. “You think I’m hot?”
“Like you don’t know.” What was it with women? She was beautiful. Stunning, intelligent and sexy enough to freeze brain cells made her a triple threat.
Grace strolled over to stand in front of him. One white-tipped fingernail trailed down his chest to rest on his belt. His dick leapt to attention like a well-trained dog. Her fingertip burned a path back and forth across his abdomen, hardening everything in the vicinity.
“I think you’re pretty hot too.”
Unaware he’d even fisted them, he uncurled his hands and reached for her. Someone pounded on the door. Biting back a curse, he dropped his hands and memorized the desire glazing her green eyes. Lips full and pouty, eyelids drooping, cheeks flushed, she was a walking advertisement for sex. She made it damn hard to walk away. 

About The Author:
The only girl in the midst of four brothers, Angel Nicholas spent her childhood hiding behind romance novels. No wonder she adores difficult, irresistible heroes. Toss in dry witticisms and a mix of characters you hope never darken your door—alongside a few you’d happily make your BFF. Add a pinch of naughty bits, shake while dancing about in your unmentionables, serve with a wicked grin, and you have an Angel Nicholas romantic suspense.

Now the mother of four energetic children, three sassy kitties and one slobber-flinging Great Dane, writing fiction is her refuge. Excessive caffeine fuels her typing and stiletto heels maintain her sass. When she isn’t torturing her characters, Angel can be found in the nearest Starbucks, shoe store, or playing with her darling munchkins and assorted pets.