Friday, 8 April 2016

Book Review: Cupcakes at Carrington’s | Alexandra Brown

Sometimes you just need a nice, charming read that you can lose yourself in and be utterly absorbed and entertained by the story and the characters. Romantic fiction is one of my favourite genres, particularly the type that makes you feel warm and magical inside. As you can imagine, I have many authors on my shelves so there is a regularity to my indecisiveness. I was lucky enough at one of the many author events I go to, to have the pleasure of meeting and talking to Alexandra Brown. She is a lovely person and we had a lovely chat and it was this meeting that inspired me to finally pick up one of her books that were on my shelves.

So I chose to read her first novel ‘Cupcakes at Carrington’s’ which was released in 2013 with Harper an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers. This was as expected, a wonderful read and I found it incredible easy to lose myself in the story from the beginning. The way Alexandra writes is warm and familiar that is wonderfully absorbing and entertaining.

Our leading lady is Georgie Hart who works at a department store, running the luxury handbag department. Georgie has her issues and things from her past that seem to be constantly biting at her heels but somehow she manages (for the most part) to remain optimistic. When Carrington’s is threatened by the recession a complete over haul of staff and store procedure which as you can imagine shakes up everything and everyone. There a couple of new additions to the staff, including a potential love interest who is deliciously yummy. Then we have Maxine, the femme fatale who has been recruiting to whip Carrington’s in to shape, and let’s just say her methods aren’t exactly fair or for the most part, above board. She is a nasty piece of work, and as I always say it is just wonderful when a character we love to hate gets what is coming to them. So brace yourself for some wonderful scenes when this happens.

What also gives this book more heart is the relationship Georgie has with her father. There issues are central to Georgie and the way she perceives herself and those around her, and it is a wonderful part of the book when we see their relationship slowly begin to repair. 

The incredible cast of characters as so likeable and entertaining, and even the ones we don’t like have their own entertaining moments. This is such a magical book that is one of the warmest books I have ever read. I am so pleased that I started this series and look forward to finding out what happens to Georgie and her friends in the rest of the Cupcakes at Carrington’s books. 
 A warm and magical treat of a book. 10/10

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About the author:

Alex Brown is the bestselling author of five books and launched her career with the hugely popular Carrington's series set in a seaside town department store. Alex now writes warm, witty and heartfelt novels centred on the cosy community spirit of village life.

Alex began her writing career as a weekly columnist for The London Paper, before trading in the rat race for the good life. The Secret of Orchard Cottage is Alex's sixth book.

When she isn't writing Alex enjoys knitting, watching Disney films with her daughter and going to Northern Soul nights, and is passionate about supporting charities working with care leavers, adoption and vulnerable young people. Alex lives in a rural village in Sussex, with her husband, daughter and a very shiny black Labrador.

She loves hearing from her readers, so please visit her website - or join her for chats on Facebook at and Twitter @alexbrownbooks 

Keep an eye out for Alex's latest book 'The Secret of Orchard Cottage' out 2nd June 2016
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