Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Blog Tour: Lovers & Liars | Nigel May

I am so excited and thrilled to have the lovely Nigel May back on my blog to promote yet another of his amazing books. Nigel May's latest book, Lovers And Liars is ready to go and tells the story of the tyrannical hotel owner, Sheridan Rivers, who is bludgeoned to death in the penthouse suite of his six-star Velvet Hotel in beautiful Barbados. Who kills him and why remains a mystery to the very last page. Seeing as the book is jam packed with glamorous locations and hotel hot spots just like all of Nigel's fabulous books, we decided to ask him what ten things make the perfect hotel for him when he heads off for research trips around the world.
Hi Nigel, welcome to my blog.
Thanks Daniel, great to be here. Always a pleasure talking to you.

Lovers And Liars is a very glamorous, summer read. Did you enjoy writing it?
I loved it as I was lucky enough to head to Barbados last year and soak up all of the vibrant and colourful inspiration for lots of chapters in the book. It's a magical place. 

Is that why you set Velvet Hotel there?
Indeed it is. The boss of the hotel chain, Sheridan, is a nasty piece of work and owns hotels all over the world - which is why the action heads to Toronto, Crete, New York and Tokyo. But I was definite that the main body of the adventure had to be set on the sunshine-drenched sands of Barbados. You must go if you get the chance!

I'd love to. So did you stay in a fancy hotel like the one in Lovers And Liars when you went there?
No, I stayed in a beachside house with my friends. It was incredible as we could look down onto the beach outside our window and watch the baby turtles hatch or take a dip in the pool at the top of the house. It was like a hotel, but cosier.

So what do you like when you visit a hotel?
Great question - I shall list my top 10 essentials for you.

1. A good pool is very important. I love swimming and just playing around a swimming pool. If it has waterslides and those pummely air jets that make your skin go all squidgy when you stand in front of them then I am in heaven.

2. A good cocktail menu. I adore a good cocktail and could sit drinking mojitos all day. Such a wonderful burst of minty freshness. 
3. A comfy bed. Not too hard, not too soft. I love the crisp feel of wonderful hotel sheets when you climb into bed. I love it if you drift off and the temperature of the bed sheets is still fairly cool. A good mattress and pillow can make a bed one of the best places to relax in the world.  

4. A Jacuzzi. When I was researching in Toronto in Canada I stayed at a hotel that had a hot tub Jacuzzi on the roof. I was dying to climb in and relax but it was so cold out in the open as we went there in March and it was freezing.

5. A great doorman who knows the area. In Toronto ours was called Blair (which is where the character DJ Blair Lonergan's name comes from). He was awesome and deeply attractive and he could have a taxi waiting for you with the sharpest of finger clicks. 
6. Quirky decor. I love a themed hotel and two of my favourites in the UK are Snooze in Brighton which I kind of featured in Deadly Obsession, and The Pavilion Rock And Roll Hotel near London's Edgware Road. At Snooze the decor is retro fabulous and at the Pavilion Rock And Roll every room is themed into different styles - Honky Tonk Afro, Fucky Zebra and Flower Power are three of my faves. I used it for Scandalous Lies as a backdrop for a photo-shoot between Nova and Aaron. 
7. A major breakfast. Preferably a fry-up and then a plate of fresh pineapple. A perfect way to start the day.

8. A private beach. I love a beach of any kind but the one that we sampled at our hotel in Elounda in Crete, which is where Max and Heather visit in Lovers And Liars, was just incredible. You could stare out across the ocean and it was so incredibly idyllic. 
9. A pampering spa. I think this always helps if you want to de-stress while on holiday. Nothings beats a massage or a treatment. I went to the most amazing spa at The Chedi hotel in Muscat, Oman which I featured in my first book Trinity. I could have been tinkered with on that massage table for days. Bliss. 
10. A good room rate. I am a great believer that you can stay in really excellent hotels at a very reasonable price. Plan it in advance and head to booking.com every time!

Thank you Nigel, it was great to speak to you.
My pleasure. Enjoy Lovers And Liars. 

Lovers And Liars is available for eReaders and as a paperback on Amazon as are his previous four books: Trinity, Addicted, Scandalous Lies and Deadly Obsession.