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Author Guest Post: Plenty More Fish Fingers in the Sea: Introducing the Break-Up Diet | Lorelei Mathias

Morning folks, I am very happy to say that today I have a wonderful guest post from the lovely Lorelei Mathias who is the author of 'Break-Up Club'. It's a fab post about how food plays an important role in any break-up. So make yourself a cuppa, get cpmfy and enjoy.
‘Plenty More Fish Fingers in the Sea: Introducing the Break-Up Diet’ – by Lorelei Mathias, author of Break-Up Club

“So what’s your secret?’ Harry asked in his best mock-Gok.

Bella smiled. ‘I’m calling it the Break-up Diet. All the slebs are doing it. Last month was the Five-Two – this month it’s the Misery Plan.’

Food plays an important role in any conscious uncoupling, doesn’t it? In Break Up Club the characters tend to swing daily between grief-induced starvation and comfort eating. Clearly, food and our emotions are inextricably intertwined. With that in mind, here’s how to get yourself through 'The Sad Gap' to the other side, where ‘happy’ you is waiting!

Phase One - ‘The Break Up Diet’ (weeks 1-2)

OK, you’re broken. You can’t eat because there is a big glacial rock where your intestines should be. So instead you begin a nutrition plan more ferocious than the 5-2 and the Montignac put together.

‘I’m serious. No food has passed my lips in days. Unless you count my own mucous, from crying so much,’ Bella said. ‘Does nasal mucous have any nutritional value?’

Sorry, that was gross - I promise the rest of this blog will be mouth-watering!
To this end, here is your shopping list for Phase One:

- Negroni – this cocktail is your friend because it has NO MIXERS. You heard me – it’s straight up oblivion. You’ll need 1x bottle of Campari, Martini Rosso and Gin of your choice.
- Prosecco, lots of.

For the mornings:

- Diet Coke (or Fat)
- To keep your stomach lining from eating itself, and for nausea prevention:

- Actimel pro-biotic drinks,
- Yoghurt
- ginger biscuits
- Mini cheddars
- bananas
- Soups
- Smoothies

Essentially, you’re regressing to the diet of a toddler, and that’s totes fine. For now.

Phase Two – Carb-loading (weeks 2-4)
The great news is that the big glacier in your belly will eventually melt, as you start to come to terms with your ‘new normal’. By now, the Food-Gates are ajar enough to squeeze some ACTUAL SOLIDS in. And here’s where you can reward yourself with the fattiest, cosiest food imaginable. Why? Because you’ve got a WHOLE TWO WEEKS worth of Calorie Credits!

Go nuts on:

-Cheese, all of the cheese
-Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie
-Mars ice cream
-More Cheese – Take That if necessary
-Butterkist Microwave Popcorn (butter)
-Macaroni cheese
-Garlic bread
-Treat yourself to a Camembert roaster. Drizzle with rosemary and garlic. Dip all manner of kettle chips into it.

Phase Three – Fill the nutrition deficit (week 4…)

It’s time to start showing some love to your poor body, and reacquainting your cells with their old friend, nutrition. Start exercising lots and feeding your body with the good stuff. Then you'll realise you're actually self-sufficient and don't need another human to make you whole! From green peas to fresh fish, the aisles are stuffed with plenty of natural highs and 'Good mood foods' to get you happy again in a non-bingey, boozy way.

With that in mind, here's a suggested meal-plan. **Dons Jarvis Cocker dulcet tones**:

Breakfast: Grapefruit halves, topped with caramelised Demerara sugar. Grill until golden brown. Perfectly bittersweet; just like the end of love.

Lunch – A spinach, rocket, beetroot, avocado salad, with omega seeds, olive oil, balsamic, and Fish Fingers. This’ll give you a nice boost of brain food, so that your head can tell your heart: you are indeed better off without that douchebag!

Dinner – Salmon and leek in a garlic, pesto, white wine and sour cream sauce (tweet me for my recipe) (@loreleimathias), with Arborio rice.

It’s honestly delicious, healthy and guaranteed to cheer you up. Not only that, 'All the food groups and ingredients are represented’ - as they say in The Breakfast Club. Even self-love; which we all know is the most important ingredient.

About the Book

Holly Braithwaite and loveable loser Lawrence have been together for five years. But the obvious cracks in their relationship can no longer be ignored and Holly soon finds herself saying ‘it’s not you, it’s me.’
In the shock aftermath of their break up, Holly finds unlikely companions in Olivia, Harry and Bella. Together, they form the Break-up Club, as they support each other through their mutual melancholy and find ways to love, laugh and function as human beings again.
Break-up Club meets every Sunday. Each week, as the comedy and drama unfolds, they discover a new BUC ‘rule’. And, one by one, the rules become vital markers on their journey to recovery . . .
To our members, we’re the first emergency service

You’d be DAFT to miss out on this fab book – it’s blimmin’ marvellous! I LOVED it!
Miranda Dickinson

‘A light-hearted read about the power of friendship to see you through a tough time and out the other side, ‘ Daily Mail

Sparky dialogue and a lovely depiction of friendship. I loved this!
Katie Fforde

Made me want to break up with someone, just so I could join the club immediately. Part comedy, part self-help, but wholly fabulous. Funny, warm and heartfelt. 
B & H Independent

Fearlessly funny, this book was such a pleasure to read I have to give a rare 5 stars. Perfect balance between exaggeration for humour and “I’ve been there” real-life believability. Erin Lawless

About the Author
Lorelei Mathias grew up in ‘Metroland’ before studying English & Philosophy at Birmingham University. Since then she has worked in London as a Copywriter in Publishing and Advertising, and co-written a blog for Campaign Magazine.
Her first novel Step on it, Cupid, was published when she was 25, followed by Lost for Words. Break-Up Club explores the importance of friendship, and was inspired by her experiences in an accidental break-up club of her own.