Friday, 14 October 2016

Back in Business (Hopefully)

OK so it has been a while since I have done anything with my blog or social media. I had no choice but to take an unofficial and unannounced break from everything. As some of you may have gathered from previous posts, things weren’t exactly going to well for me health wise. I have now finally reached a point where I genuinely feel like things are slowly beginning to look up. Health wise I am improving mentally and hopefully along with that, physically as well.  Not only has it been a struggle with my health due to our situation with an arse of a neighbour (see previous post), but my mental health was regressing to the point of an almost breakdown.
However, it was confirmed yesterday that we have a new place to live which I am super excited about, it’s not too far from where we are now but it is a much nicer block with nicer people (apparently). I genuinely feel that once we move in the next week or so and are away from all the stress and anxiety my health and wellbeing will improve greatly. 
I will be really honest and say that I very nearly decided to give up blogging and shut down my website, in fact I had made that decision official in my mind a few weeks ago. But now things are changing for the better and I am finally remembering how much I loved blogging so from this moment forward I am starting again and resuming my website and blogging.
I realise that before I had my mental crash I had lined up many wonderful interviews with many wonderful authors, and I am sorry for the delay in getting this all sorted. I would like to resume where I left off and keep going, so will have a few interviews going live over the next few weeks. It may be sporadic due to the move and potentially having no internet for a short time but fingers crossed I don’t hit too many bumps along the way.

From this moment forward, is back in business and I am very excited to see what happens.

Love to all.