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Blog Tour: Tell Me a Lie | CJ Carver

Hello folks, I do hope you are all well. I have an excellent post today as part of my stop on the official blog tour for CJ Carver's latest book 'Tell Me a Lie'. She tells us all about her perspective on the two sides of a writer and how to stay sane during the writing process. It is a wonderful read, so I recommend that you make yourself a brew, get comfy and enjoy. 

The Two Sides of a Writer.  Living with a dual personality and keeping your writer’s temperament sane.

A lot of people don’t realise that us writers are normal people.  Well, most of the time anyway.

Firstly, “poetic license” doesn’t mean the writer chooses to ignore every moral code and behave how they like.  Yes, sometimes we’re vague and woolly to others when part of our mind is taken up with a particularly tricky plot problem, but aside from that we’re perfectly normal.  At least I think so, and since my partner hasn’t yet run for the door, screaming…

I see the two sides of the writer as the adult and the child.  Or the conscious and unconscious.

One side is discriminating, self-controlled and objective.  The other is emotional, excitable and unconstrained.

To have both sides working together, side by side, is the ultimate objective.  It’s when a new plot twist comes seemingly out of nowhere, that is absolutely perfect and drives the book forward in a way I haven’t thought of before, when I know both sides are in synch.

At such moments, when the conscious and unconscious are working in harmony, I know I have to keep writing until I drop.

I find it’s vital not to get up and rush around first thing in the morning.  I like to lie quite still and allow the unconscious side to wake up slowly.  I let my work flow through my mind without judging or criticizing.  When I’ve woken up enough to make a handful of notes (always keep a pen and pad handy by the bed!) then I allow the other side their time.  This involves thinking about everyday life - shopping, filling in my tax return, paying bills - all the practical stuff my creative side would prefer to ignore if I let it.

A lot of writers suffer from procrastination when their book isn’t flowing, and I’m no exception.  If I’m not careful, the child side will have its way, telling me it’s a nice day for a walk, for another cup of tea, toast, oooh let’s write another email, Tweet, have a look at Facebook, and before I know it half the day has gone.

The adult side really has to take control at this point, or no writing would get done AT ALL.
The adult side, which I also call the conscious, however, has to take a back seat during the first draft.  This is when the child, my unconscious, needs to be let off its leash and given free rein with no critic watching.

But it is possible to train them to work together.  It takes a little time but it’s worth it because that’s when the work flows and, even better, you know what you’re writing is using every aspect of your abilities.

©CJ Carver 2017

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 About the Author:

“ I have always loved stories, and as a child I read voraciously, as did my family. When I invited a school friend to stay during the summer holidays, she later admitted to finding us very peculiar because we read our books over breakfast. No conversation, just the rustling of pages and the crunch of our Cornflakes. ”

CJ Carver is a half-English, half-kiwi, author living just outside Bath. She lived in Australia for ten years before taking up long-distance rally driving – she has driven London to Saigon, London to Cape Town, and completed 14,500 miles on the Inca Trail.

Since then she has written nine novels which have been published in the UK, USA and translated throughout Europe. CJ’s first novel Blood Junction, won the CWA Debut Dagger Award.

CJ is a co-founder and one of the first judges for the Women’s World Car of The Year Award.

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