Friday, 24 February 2017

Book Review: Girl 99 | Andy Jones

I do love a good romantic comedy, whether it be in the form of film or a good book nothing lifts my mood higher than a well written tale of the foibles of love and relationships. Not quite sure if I’ve used that word correctly but I’m hoping I get the point across. Foibles? Foibles! Anyway… …moving on.

Girl 99 by Andy Jones is a thoroughly entertaining read full of heart and a genuine perspective of love and dating from the guy’s perspective. I must admit I was a little cautious, only because I am used to reading from the perspective of the leading lady but I needn’t have worried as the writing, characters and story was so well done that it pulled me in from the start. This is my first novel of Andy’s that I have read and I really enjoyed the journey. The comedic element to this book is very well executed in particular the dialogue is what cracked me up the most as it gave clear indication of what the relationships were like between all of the characters. 

Tom is our leading man I this story and it may seem like he is putting it about a bit (which he is but not in the way you would expect), he is unlucky in love and still has very strained (although highly entertaining) interactions with his ex-girlfriend Sadie. His Best friend El (who I adored, more on that later) finds it highly entertaining to hold Tom to a deal of getting the number of women he has slept with up to a grand total of 100 within a certain deadline. This, as you can imagine causes endless amounts of trouble for lovely Tom and we get to see how he bumbles along in pursuit of his goal. 

This book is not all about Tom meeting his sexy time quota however, at the heart of this book we have a very honest and compelling tale about relationships whether that be friends, family or the romantic kind. We get to see Tom’s relationship with his father and younger sister, and how he is very much in the middle of those two acting as mediator and quite often as referee. I really enjoyed these scenes because it shows a genuine side of what family relationships can be, and while funny they were also very sweet as well.

I must say I did adore El, Tom’s best friend. He is gay with a partner and I must say as a gay man myself a truly appreciated Andy’s sensitivity to writing characters like this. Very often characters I look for can often be a cliché or just there as window dressing but I am so grateful to Andy for including inclusive, relatable and real characters which really made me smile. Unfortunately El is a very ill young man and this at times broke my heart but it didn’t lessen the love I had for this character, as he was also one of the funniest in the book.

I really enjoyed this book and think that if you needed a pick me up and a smile, then this is the book for you. With razor sharp wit, completely realistic characters and oodles of heart-warming moments, this is a wonderful book to curl up with. 

I gave this book a highly entertaining 9/10

About the book:

When Tom’s girlfriend walks out on him the day before Christmas, he feels humiliated but not necessarily heartbroken. Sadie wasn’t, after all, The One. If we’re being precise, she was number eighty-five.

And so, for reasons that are only mostly wrong, Tom embarks on a mission to bring his number of encounters up to a nice neat one hundred.

Over the course of his quest he sleeps with a colleague, a colleague of a friend, a friend of a friend, a friend of a friend’s wife, the estate agent selling his flat and several more besides.

Everything is going, if not well, then at least according to plan…and then Tom meets Verity. Whether she’s The One remains to be seen, but she’s certainly more than just another number.

About the Author: 

Andy Jones lives in London with his wife and two little girls. During the day he works in an advertising agency; at weekends and horribly early in the mornings, he writes fiction.

He is the bestselling author of three novels: The Two of Us, The Trouble With Henry and Zoe, and Girl 99. Additionally he has written a collection of short stories and two picture books for younger readers. His books have been translated into twelve languages.

Andy has not written any books about American presidents, farts, burps or risk management. Those were written by a bunch of other Andy Joneses. (It's a popular name.)
In case of doubt: if it's not on my Author Page, I didn't write it. 

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