Saturday, 11 March 2017

Book Review: Orange Blossom Days | Patricia Scanlan

Orange Blossom Days follows 4 main couples in their lives at home and in South Spain which centralizes in La Joya, a newly built luxury apartment complex. At first in reading the description, I was wondering how the author Patricia Scanlan would be able to keep the readers following so many characters with seeing each of their individuality and lives. Sometimes I feel that too many main characters can easily lose a reader's interest and become too much, yet with Orange Blossom Days I have followed with intrigue and the want to read even more quickly to see the next chapters of their lives. 

The book takes turns following the lives of the Sally-Ann & Cal, Austen & Anna, Eduardo & Consuela, Jutta & Felipe, along with other characters along the way via a few chapters to play their stories out, making it easy to follow the their ups and downs of family life. It's easy to get sucked in to how they are all feeling through what crops up and throws at them. 

Sally-Ann has to be my favorite character with her Texan belle charm and twang, she is a feisty gal who knows what she wants but is also all heart along the way, when Cal her husband turns things upside down from what she and her twins know. Anna is a more homely nurturing person, someone everyone can get along with and Austen fits with her perfectly. Eduardo well hmmm he is that one person everyone tries to avoid like the plague as you know once he captures you in his patronizing conversation you are stuck there until he has finished with his moans, I really do feel for his poor wife Consuela who starts to find her inner Goddess. Jutta is a very business minded lady who is very efficient with her work and takes pride in how she runs her businesses but her husband Felipe is very flippant with money and decisions which annoys Jutta immensely. 

There really is somebody for everyone to relate with and feel what they feel along their journeys. It really is written with the feeling of how our own lives can go from one way to another, when we expect things to start going right something always crops up and changes the dynamic of ours and their lives. This book captures that perfectly and as I read along I was visioning the surroundings, their faces, how they felt and it was like I was stood there in the background watching from within. I was constantly trying to imagine how the next chapters played out and then going "ooh I didn’t think it would go that way", or "wow yes that went better than I thought it would have". So it leaves you in constant intrigue and longing to read more quickly to find out what happens next. 

The beautiful Mediterranean inspired cover makes me dream of holidays by the beach in the warm sunshine looking out over the ocean, watching the little boats go along their travels. 

I really have enjoyed reading Orange Blossom Days, I normally try and avoid books with so many main characters but it was beautifully written and I could follow their lives with ease and the want for more. 

I gave this a sunny and warming 8/10

Laura XxX

About the Book

"In a beautiful southern Spanish town, where the sea sparkles and orange blossoms scent the air, the gates of a brand new apartment complex, La Joya de Andalucia, glide open to welcome the new owners."

Anna and Austen MacDonald, an Irish couple, are preparing to enjoy their retirement to the full. But the demands of family cause problems they have never foreseen and shake their marriage to the core.

Sally-Ann Connolly Cooper, a feisty Texan mother of two young teenagers, is reeling from her husband's betrayal. La Joya becomes a place of solace for Sally-Ann, in more ways than one.

Eduardo de la Fuente, a haughty Madrileno, has set out with single-minded determination to become El Presidente of the complex's management committee. But pride comes before a fall.

Jutta Sauer Perez, a sophisticated German who aspires to have her very own apartment in La Joya, works hard to reach her goal. Then the unthinkable happens.

"As their lives entwine and friendships and enmities develop, it becomes apparent that La Joya is not quite the haven they all expect it to be"…

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About the Author

PATRICIA SCANLAN was born in Dublin where she still lives.
Her books, all No 1 bestsellers include City Girl, City Lives, City Woman, Apartment 3B, Finishing Touches, Foreign Affairs, Mirror Mirror, Promises Promises. Francesca’s Party, Two For Joy and Double Wedding.

She is Series Editor of The Open Door novellas a prestigious award winning literacy project she developed with New Island Publishers, which has become a critical and commercial success internationally. She has written four books for the series.

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