Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Book Review: Proposal at the Winter Ball | Jessica Gilmore

I love Romance, and I love to read Mills & Boon. From what I’m told it’s very rare for men to be honest about reading Mills & Boon so hopefully I can start something by saying how much I love it. But this is not what this post is about, it is in fact about one Mills & Boon book in particular that I recently had the pleasure of reading. Proposal at the Winter Ball by Jessica Gilmore, which is a book that is part of the Cherish line from Mills & Boon. The Cherish line focus on Sweet Romance in particular and according to their website: 

                Cherish stories are all about real, relatable women and strong, deeply desirable men experiencing the intensity, anticipation and sheer rush of falling in love

And that is exactly what this book by Jessica Gilmore captured for me. The focus is on Flora and her best friend Alex who is a top and highly sort after Interior Designer. He needs someone to help him secure contracts with the biggest client of his career so far. He makes the decision to ask Flora for help as a freelance designer for his company. They have a wonderful friendship which is clear from the start but as a reader we can see that there is something more that is just bubbling under the surface and we want it to simmer over into a wonderful relationship. But, it takes our leading lovebirds a bit of soul searching to find their way to each other eventually.

Everything was going well until they shared a tipsy kiss and Alex’s potential client walks in and assumes the two are in a relationship, which we know they aren’t. This leads to some very entertaining situations where Alex and Flora are forced into even closer proximity and we see and feel how their relationship develops.

It is glaringly obvious that they care for each other and throughout this book we see both characters make some tough decisions and eventually owning up to their feelings. This is a wonderful story and the first of Jessica’s that I have read, and it definitely won’t be the last of hers I fall in love with. I already have a copy of In the Boss’s Castle to read when I get the chance.

I gave ‘Proposal at the Winter Ball’ a lovely 10/10

About the book:

This Christmas hotshot architect Alex Fitzgerald needs an interior designer to impress his biggest client—and fast! Who better than his best friend, Flora Buckingham? Yet one unforgettable kiss unleashes the feelings Alex has kept hidden for years…

Alex cherishes Flora above everything. He is estranged from his family, so she’s been the bright spark in a dark life. But after their kiss, Alex must make a decision—step back and protect their friendship, or risk everything, down on one knee, for the happiness he’s always dreamed of!

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About the Author: Jessica Gilmore

An ex au pair, bookseller, marketing manager and Scarborough seafront trader selling rock from under a sign that said ‘Cheapest on the Front’,  Jessica now works for a regional environmental charity. Sadly she spends most of her time chained to her desk wrestling with databases but likes to sneak out to one of their beautiful reserves whenever she gets a chance. Married to an extremely patient man, Jessica lives in the beautiful if damp city of York with one daughter, one very fluffy dog and two dog-loathing cats.

On the rare occasions that she is not writing, working, reading or trying to twist her daughter’s hair into the perfect ballet bun (alas, still elusive), Jessica likes to plan holidays she might have the time and money to take one day, meanwhile she uses her favourite locations in her books. She writes deeply emotional romance with a hint of humour and a welcome splash of sunshine.