Thursday, 11 May 2017

Blog Tour: Trust Me | Gemma Metcalfe

Today folks, I am happy to be part of the blog tour for 'Trust Me' by Gemma Metcalfe, published by HQ digital. Not only that, but I also have a small guest post from the author herself. 

Guest Post
Trust Me- I was a sale´s woman

My inspiration for writing ´Trust Me.´

People often ask me how I think up my stories and where I get my ideas from. Truth is, I have always been a little bit of a daydreamer, often zoning out to actual conversations with real people to my imaginary world with made up characters. 

  That being said, my initial idea for ´Trust me,´ is based largely on my real-life experiences as a call-centre operative here in Tenerife where I have lived for seven years. One thing I learnt as a saleswoman, was that some people do want to talk, even if that somebody is a total stranger. I have spoken to many characters; chatterboxes who would talk to their own reflection if nobody else was in the room, disgruntled housewives who want to ´dish the dirt,´ on their husbands and proud parents who want to tell you all about their child´s achievements. The saddest part of my job, and also the most rewarding, was talking to elderly women and men, who were lonely and looked forward to their daily sales call.

  I had been toying with the idea of writing a story based in a call-centre for a while. I worked with such funny, unique characters and I knew a story based on a phone call, told from alternate perspectives, would work well for a thriller.

  One night I was in the bath and the plot suddenly came to me. ´What if the person on the other end of the line was about to commit suicide? What if both main characters were drenched in secrets? What if everything wasn’t quite as it seemed?

  I loved writing ´Trust Me´, particularly the call-centre chapters, as I could relate to Lana really easily (although I was a slightly better at my sales job than she was.) Her voice, her way with words and her humour are all me. As for Liam, I adored writing him too, although he was slightly harder to write than Lana. Liam is an emotional character, and I had to dig deep and draw on my own emotions when describing his grief and anxiety. Like Liam and Alice, my husband and I have suffered miscarriages, and as hard as it was to revisit, it helped me to write Liam and Alice´s story with conviction. Liam´s son Elliott, is based on a beautiful little boy called Dilraj who I looked after when I worked as a Nursery Nurse. The character of Sue is also a wonderful assortment of my nanna, auntie and mum.

So yes, I guess in response to the answer ´where did you get the idea for ´Trust Me,´ from? ´ I would have to answer, ´straight out of my life.´ (With a tiny sprinkling of make-believe of course.)

Blurb: One phone call. Two lives. Their darkest secrets.
Lana needs to sell a holiday, fast. Stuck in Tenerife, in a dead end job, she never expected a response quite like Liam’s.

Thousands of miles away a phone rings. Liam never intended to pick up, he’s too busy choosing the quickest way to die. But at least someone should know the truth before he goes, even if that someone is a stranger.

As time runs out both are drawn to the other, expressing thoughts they never thought they would share.

When you’re about to die will your secrets even matter?

About Gemma Metcalfe: Gemma Metcalfe is a Manchester born author who now lives in sunny Tenerife with her husband Danny and two crazy rescue dogs Dora and Diego. By day, Gemma can be found working as a Primary school teacher, but as the sun sets, she ditches the glitter and glue and becomes a writer of psychological thrillers. An established drama queen, she admits to having a rather warped imagination, and loves writing original plots with shocking twists. The plot for her debut novel ´Trust Me,´ is loosely based on her experiences as a call centre operative, where  she was never quite sure who would answer the phone…

Twitter: @gemmakmetcalfe