Sunday, 28 May 2017

SURPRISE: I've Indie-Published My First Children's Book

I could not be more excited right now folks. I have finally self published my first ever children's book. It is a project that have kept a secret as I just wanted to do it for me and have fun with it. I really did have so much fun with this book, from coming up with a story idea, do designing the cover and everything.

As many of you know I have two very cheeky cats and they have provided the inspiration for what will hopefully be a fun series of books. I don't dare tell my cats that they have become my muses, it would be a nightmare to add to their already abundant levels of self importance. HAHA.

This first book is only a short one for now, and is inspired by my eldest cat Raja, and if you read the book you will see just some of the many things she has done over the years. She has me ran ragged, but I love her so much.

If anyone could help by sharing this post that would be fab.

I do hope you enjoy what will be the start of the many adventures of 'Naughty Cat', please if you have time let me know what you think and leave a little review.



Love and hugs to all.

Daniel xxxx