Monday, 5 June 2017

Blog Tour: The Summer of Magic Moments | Caroline Roberts

Well hello there folks, I am super happy to be on the official blog tour for the new book, The Summer of Magic Moments by the super lovely Caroline Roberts. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful little Q&A with Caroline which I am sure you will enjoy very much.
What are you reading at the moment?

Ali McNamara’s ‘The Little Flower Shop by the Sea’. It’s a lovely heart-warming summery story set in Cornwall, where I’ve just been to visit family.

Where do you write? Do you have any writing habits you could share?

I generally write in either the conservatory or the kitchen, though at times I have written parked up in a lay-by, on a train, in a plane, by a pool on holiday. I can write anywhere if an idea strikes. I tend to write longhand first as I can’t keep up with my thoughts typing, and then I edit, a scene at a time, onto my laptop. I am fuelled by coffee, tea, chocolate (a finger of Fudge is a favourite) and the occasional shortbread biscuit.

Reading about Bella’s Babes take on the Pretty Muddy race is great fun and inspirational too! Have you done any similar challenges?

Yes, I have taken part in a Pretty Muddy Race for Life with my daughter. We had a hoot, got filthy and raised money for charity. I have also completed the Great North Run half-marathon in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital, and a 26 mile Moonwalk in Edinburgh for Breast Cancer. These events  are real challenges and you have to train hard and put in time and energy, but it is so worthwhile. You get such a sense of achievement, great support and camaraderie, and you also get to help some very worthy causes. It’s good to give something back sometimes.

You're stranded on a desert island - you have 1 book with you, which book is it & why?

Some kind of survival guide!

What’s the first ever book you remember reading?

The Tale of Peter Rabbit – when I was ill I was allowed to borrow my older sister’s set of Beatrix Potter books. I loved the Peter Rabbit story – it had danger, and nature, and the adventures of a mischievous rabbit.

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote & if so what was it about?

I remember writing miniature books for my Pippa dolls and poems when I was very young. At 12 years old I was pulled in after an English lesson with the deputy head who was my teacher; I was scared I’d done something wrong, but he asked if my story was my own work. It was! I received the first A+ he had given for creative writing. It was a story about a girl and her golden retriever dog. I’d always wanted a dog and wasn’t allowed one at home, so I let my imagination flow.

About Caroline:
Family, friends, food, a glass of bubbly and, of course, a good book make me smile. I love writing emotional stories about love, loss, and family, that explore how complex and yet beautiful love can be. I also like to write romantic comedy, letting the characters have a bit of flirty fun too! I believe in following your dreams and working hard towards them, which led me to HarperImpulse (HarperCollins) and a publishing deal (woop!) after many years of writing. Stunning Northumberland is my home - sandy beaches, castles and gorgeous countryside that have inspired my writing.

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