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Blog Tour: The Bed & Breakfast on the Beach | Kat French

Today folks, I am super excited to be part of the official blog tour for the new book by the super talented Kat French. I adore Kat, she is such a fab writer and I love her work, she also inspires me with her level of productivity. She is the writerly version of Wonder Woman. 
Hello Kat, thank you so much for agreeing to an interview, I am pleased to welcome you to my website. How are you?
Hi Daniel! I’m good thanks, excited about the release of The Bed & Breakfast on the Beach. It all gets a bit hectic around launch time - lots of blog posts to do, guest posts, social media, etc.  It’s a whirlwind for a while!
So tell me a little bit about yourself, where are you from and what do you write?
I’m from the Wes Mids. I’m a full time romance writer - I feel pretty lucky, it really is my dream job.
What can you tell me about your typical writing day and what your process is?
I try to be quite disciplined. I’m always busy, so I try to organise my work day as I would if I was working somewhere other than in my own house. I work around the kids school hours, and then again when they’re in bed. It’s a juggling act, to be honest, Daniel, sometimes there doesn’t seem enough hours in the day to get everything done - but sleep is for the weak, as they say! 
Do you have a special writing space/room?
Yes - our spare room is now my dedicated office. I love it! I live in a house full of boys, so it’s my haven with pretty wall paper and a comfy armchair.
Any necessary supplies / coping strategies when you’re writing? Wine? Cake? Music?
Music, definitely. I create Spotify playlists for all of my manuscripts and have them on as I work. Wine… god, yes! Only at night though when I’m working on the sofa, like right now!  Cake though - not yet.
Can you tell me about your journey to publication? How did that all happen?
I always wanted to write, and I was fortunate enough to place second in the Mills and Boon annual writing competition. It was a done deal from there on in, I’d got the bug! I worked with an editor there for a year, and although I didn’t end up working for them it was invaluable experience and gave me skills to build on. I went on to self-publish, and on the back of that I was offered a traditional contract.
What do your family and loved ones think of your success?
They’re really thrilled! My kids are super proud and like to take a book in for their teachers.
So what do you like to do when you’re not writing?
Does drinking gin count? I’m a mum of two young boys, so between them and working that’s my life pretty full up. Writing full time is so much more than just writing the books, especially as someone who self publishes as well as writing for publishers. The admin, marketing and PR is all pretty demanding - I genuinely never feel as if I have spare time. Reading is my indulgence when we go on holiday.
So what’s next for Kat French, what are you working on right now?
It’s all about The Bed and Breakfast on the Beach right now, but once that’s released and out there it’s onwards to writing my release for summer 2018. I can’t tell you more about that yet though!
What other writers do you love or have influenced you in some way?
I’m a huge Jilly Cooper and Marian Keyes fan, Catherine Alliott too. More recently I’ve been reading Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series and they are fabulous!
Any particular highlights in your writing career so far?
Every new book feels like a highlight to be honest, I feel really fortunate to do the job I do. But placing in that competition way back in 2009 was the thing that really kicked things off, and also my first contract with HarperCollins.
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions Kat, you are a star.

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She's a mum of two, wife of one, and a super talented and amazing full time romance writer. 
She writes under two names - Kitty French for erotic romance, and Kat French for romantic comedy.

Kat French is a romantic comedy writer from England, where she lives with her husband and two little boys.

Her first novel, Undertaking Love, is available now.
She also writes erotic romance under the pseudonym Kitty French. Knight & Play is available now, and the sequel, Knight & Stay is coming soon.