Friday, 28 July 2017

Blog Tour: Death Plays a Part | Vivian Conroy

I don’t really read crime as a rule only because it doesn’t really do it for me. Also if it happens to be a bit gory and a bit bloody then I avoid because I am a big wimp.

But this mystery from Vivian Conroy is an enjoyable and exciting romp through the investigation of who actually killed the most hated man in the village. With a brilliant cast of characters including the wonderful Dolly the Dachshund, who is very sweet and I wish she was real. And that she was mine.

The world building and the setting was well done, and it really gave me many wonderful mental visuals of the fictional Cornisea and many people who lived there and featured in the story. I adore villages and towns that have this very rural kind of setting and this is what Cornisea was for me.

Guinevere is a fabulous character and a wonderful protagonist, and she has a wonderful name as well. She is feisty and determined and makes it her priority to get the bottom of the crime. She works well with Oliver and this pairing is great and adds so much to the story.

I must say that I hate to be wrong, but this book made sure I was wrong at every turn and that is a good thing. I had a bit of a tough time trying to figure things out, as well as trying to figure out the clues and I was thrown off the scent a million times and found myself getting frustrated with my ineptitude as a detective. I am not a detective and never will be, but this book had me guessing and getting very invested in the story which is a credit to the skills of Vivian as the author.

Everything moves along at a good pace and I must say I never found myself getting bored. It was a wonderfully cosy mystery, that I must say really lends itself to reading on a rainy evening with a massive mug of hot chocolate which is what I did.

A lovely and cosy mystery, I gave this book 4/5 Stars.

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