Friday, 8 September 2017

Book Review: TIN MAN | Sarah Winman

I literally finished this book an hour ago, and here I am compelled to tell everyone about it and tell everyone to read it now in the same breath. Even halfway through this book, I was telling friends and my fellow booksellers in Waterstones that they HAVE to read this beautiful book.

It has to be one of the most beautiful books I have read in a long time, and it reminded me in many ways of ‘What Belongs to You’ by Garth Greenwell. It had that same lyrical and emotive prose that broke my heart a number of times, in the best way possible that only a book like this can.

It’s about love and friendship, and denial of one’s true self while your true identity is screaming to be released. It’s about life and loss, death and living and human nature and sexuality.

As a Gay Man myself there were many aspects of this book that resonated with me, such as misplaced and lost familial relationships and the constant need to be loved and sometimes simple just to be ‘seen’. I feel that this is a very powerful book and deserves recognition for its obvious literary merit.

I have never read anything by Sarah before and her skills as a writer are wonderful. The way she crafts her sentences and fills them with emotion and the simplicity of everyday observation is simply wonderful. That has to be the one word that sums up this book, wonderful. Just wonderful.

This book made me feel so many things, and at the end of it, I just feel grateful to have been able to read something like this. Trust me, I could go on for pages and pages about just how fantastic this book is, but all I will say is this – This book is equal parts endearing and heartbreaking, a true tale of love, friendship and identity. This has to be one of my top books of 2017 for sure.

The unforgettable and achingly tender new novel from Sarah Winman, author of the international bestseller WHEN GOD WAS A RABBIT and the Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller A YEAR OF MARVELLOUS WAYS.
'An exquisitely crafted tale of love and loss' Guardian
The unforgettable new novel from Sarah Winman, author of the international bestseller WHEN GOD WAS A RABBIT.
'Her best novel to date' Observer
'A marvel' Sunday Express
'Astoundingly beautiful' Matt Haig
It begins with a painting won in a raffle: fifteen sunflowers, hung on the wall by a woman who believes that men and boys are capable of beautiful things.
And then there are two boys, Ellis and Michael,
who are inseparable.
And the boys become men,
and then Annie walks into their lives,
and it changes nothing and everything.
Tin Man sees Sarah Winman follow the acclaimed success of When God Was A Rabbit and A Year Of Marvellous Ways with a love letter to human kindness and friendship, loss and living.

Biographical Notes 
Sarah Winman grew up in Essex and now lives in London. She attended the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art and went on to act in theatre, film and television. She has written three novels, WHEN GOD WAS A RABBIT, A YEAR OF MARVELLOUS WAYS and TIN MAN.
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