Thursday, 4 January 2018

Book Review: Magic Calls | Miriam Greystone

One of the great things I have discovered over the past few months is the power and talent of the indie author community. I have been reading some excellent Urban Fantasy books and series and it is one of the genres where I go to the indie authors for first. I was super happy when I got the chance to read and review an Arc of a book from an author who is new to me. Miriam Greystone allowed me to review an advance copy of her new book, and I am very grateful that she did.


A war is brewing beneath the sidewalks of Washington, DC . . . and Molly just sang her way into the middle of it.

Molly doesn’t know there’s anything unusual about her voice—she only knows that performing with her band makes her happier than anything else in the world.
But everything changes on the night that Molly does more than just entertain her audience—she accidentally entrances them, and narrowly avoids setting off a riot. 
Now, she’s being hunted by a mysterious group that believes she is descended from the Sirens—and that she’s unworthy of the power she possesses. To survive, she must plunge into a secret world of human-Siren hybrids, where there’s no easy way to know who to trust.
With time running out, Molly must learn to wield the power inside her, before the hunters can silence her forever.


Ok first I need to mention how amazing is the cover of this book? I am obsessed with gorgeous book covers as any good book nerd is, and from reading this book I will say that it suits this story perfectly.
This is an amazing book and I was sucked right in from the beginning, and I can honestly say it was a refreshing take on mythology and the Urban Fantasy genre. Molly is a fantastic protagonist who is a wicked singer fronting a very cool band and she is just living her life as best as she can, while running from a very troubled past.

I loved the characters in this book from the main players to the lesser characters, everyone served a purpose whilst having their own fleshed out personality.

The relationship with Jake was wonderful and as fair as we are aware he has no ties with the supernatural community. He is a recovering heroine addict and despite his issues, he and Molly have a connection which I think is explored wonderfully.

I adored Molly’s friendship with Bea as well, you could tell they has a true bond and connection. Bea has a terminal illness, and this is handled sensitively and really adds to the story. What is so great about this is that not every problem in this book is supernaturally related, it has a good mix of magic and real-world issues which is wonderful. Although I must say I am very excited to find out what happens with Bea and her future, just read the book and you will see what I mean.

Molly’s life is turned upside down when she accidently unleashes her gift of her siren abilities when she literally entrances her audience. That is when all the supernatural trouble starts, and we are taken on an epic adventure where Molly and us the readers have no idea who we can really trust. I love a book where you constantly question the authenticity of character and are left unsure as to whether they are good or bad. It gives the book so much more depth and anticipation.

This was a wonderful book and Miriam is now an Author who I will be reading everything from. Once again thank you to Miriam for the opportunity of giving my honest opinion on her new book, I am now a permanent fan for sure.

I gave this book an entrancing 5 out of 5.


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