Thursday, 24 May 2018

Back in the Game, Hopefully.

So, I think it is about time I got back into blogging again. I have been a bit MIA for a while due to health reasons. I am sure many of you are aware that I have battled with my mental health for a long time now, and as well as Anxiety and Depression, I am unsure if anyone is aware that I can now add PTSD to the list. Not fun.

Well, another thing has cropped up, and as you can imagine I am a little infuriated with myself and my body. I now have an instability syndrome which basically effects my muscles, joints and my mobility. Also, the pain is also something I have to contend with.

I am not saying any of this for sympathy, I know that we all have things that affect us every day. I just wanted to let people know why I had basically disappeared.

But I allowed all this to stop me reaching out and being interactive online. I have unfollowed people and stopped socialising online which I guess is what I needed to do at the time, but in the long run is ultimately unhealthy.

So now I am trying to proactive and have decided to get the blog back up and running again. I am feeling excited and very positive about it.

So here’s to many more days of exciting blogging.