Monday, 25 June 2018

Keris Stainton: The Invitation - Blog Blast

Hello folks, I am super happy to be here with my review as part of the book blast for Keris Stainton's new book 'The Invitation'.
When Piper James unexpectedly gets a message from her insanely hot teenage crush Rob Kingsford, inviting her to their school reunion, her heart flips. She hasn’t seen Rob in eight years – and he’s always been the one who got away.

Throw in some old friends (and frenemies), a sister on the edge of a meltdown and a few too many cosmos and you have all the ingredients for a real night to remember… Will Piper and Rob finally get together, the second time around?

A hilarious and uplifting story about conquering your demons and being true to who you are – perfect for fans of Mhairi McFarlane, Colleen Coleman and Joanna Bolouri.

My Review:

This was one of the funniest books I have read all year. I think me and Keris have a similar sense of humour so I found myself instantly liking the main character Piper. She is a wonderful leading lady who is a body positive blogger and really embraces her curves. I think this is fabulous because from what I have personally read over the years, we don't get a lot of normal sized girls as our heroines. 

I really enjoy the way Keris writes, because she is always so wonderfully inclusive, and not in any way that uses stereotypes to move along a story ( I have seen this a lot in other books). Keris includes Matt, who is Piper's bisexual best friend and I LOVED him. The dynamic between him and Piper was wonderful, and it really felt like a genuine friendship which was wonderful.

Now we move on to Rob, our love interest. At first, I didn't totally trust him, call me cautious but when it comes to characters who were the 'Jock' in high school, they never turn out to be what you want them to be. But Rob is actually wonderful. You could tell that he really liked Piper, and seeing their relationship blossom was fab. I loved the part of the book when they all went to the high school reunion, where Piper got drunk. Such wonderful, comedic writing.

Overall this was a fabulously funny and heartwarming story of second chances and accepting yourself for who you are. I loved this book so so much.

We need more books like this in the world, write loads more please Keris. 

I give it a totally fabulous five stars.

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About the Author
Keris Stainton was born in Canada, grew up on the Wirral, lived in London for a while and now lives in Lancashire with two boys, two guinea pigs, and an unhealthy (but enjoyable) obsession with One Direction. 

She's written books for children, teenagers, and adults and can almost always be found on Twitter.

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