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Meet the Team

Daniel Riding - Owner /Creator
Hi folks, you man already know me. I am Daniel, blogger, writer and creator of I have a massive love for books, in particular Romance novels wether that be rom-coms, regency or paranormal I do love a happy ending. I am also a writer myself and aspire to be published one day, I write what I love to read and have a hearty addiction to the written word.

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Laura Foxley - Blogger

Hellooooo, I'm Laura, and I have 2 children. I have always been a bit of a bookworm since primary school which is where in fact I know Daniel from. Picking up a book, feeling the pages in your hands and reading the lines in which capture your heart and imagination is such a special feeling. I love to sit back and let my brain play the different scenes in my head whilst im reading along. Getting drawn into the characters and their lives gives me an escape from our own realities.
I've always wanted to get into writing book reviews and mentioned it to the lovely Daniel as a way of helping myself through depression/anxiety & ptsd. Something to concentrate on other than the demons inside I can concentrate on the demons in the pages instead.
When I received a message from Daniel asking to join his team I jumped at the chance and a fire was lit in my brain to get started asap.
Sooo thats a bit about me another fellow bookworm who dreams of having a giant library at my home.
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